Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario



breathe stick

.works very effectively to release blocked sinus passages

.simply rub under nose and wait until clearing action starts

.contains essential oils that may help to support the immune system


.15 oz/4.4 ml

 bath brick for tension release

.contains a specific blend of essential oils to help ease muscle tension and joint pain

.contains magnesium chloride  

.contains humectants to help moisturize and soften the skin as a secondary action

.the entire "brick"must be used to assist the body

350 grams


. rub on oil based formula applied several times per day when required  that may assist with  symptoms of nicotine  withdrawal (may also be inhaled when more intense cravings are present)

.may promote feelings of calmness and relaxation

.may also help with restless sleep

.5 oz/15 ml


There are many reasons for thinning hair which may include side effects of oral medications, drug therapy such as radiation treatments, immune related diseases, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal issues, environmental toxins, heredity, bacterial and fungal infections and high levels of stress.

Always consult a medical professional for pathogenic cause and treatment.

Due to the vast number of reasons for the onset of alopecia, there are many classifications and not all can be effectively treated.

This application has been formulated with plant extracts and essential oils that may energize and re-vitalize the scalp.

60 ml/2 oz