Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario



face cleanser 

face cleanser normal/dry

.does not contain soap

.ingredients include coconut oils and fatty acids, glycerin, distilled water, essential oils 

.this product is mildly scented with floral and citrus notes


8.4 oz/240 ml

spray lotion for the body (body milk)

.a convenient spray lotion that applies quickly

.no waxy/white residue 

.plant based fatty acids and sunflower seed oil


.essential oils can be added upon request for therapeutic properties and for scent

16 oz/455 ml

shower mist

.this  formula helps to release sinuses and air passages and  provides  an uplifting , refreshing  effect

.very useful when used in the shower  to re-invigorate after sleep

.concentrated formula , only one spray is recommended

1 oz/30 ml

Make-up remover and toner

.suitable for all skin types

.convenient spray/mist bot le to allow for spraying directly on the face   (eyes completely closed!)

.refreshing citrus and mint scent with plant based humectants to encourage moisture retention

.does not leave face feeling dry or itchy, mild formula

8.4 oz/240 ml


.personal lubricant

.not as sticky as most commercially prepared products of this type and does not become tacky

.coconut and vegetable glycerine base

.contains xanthan gum (may not be GF)

.also contains chamomile essential oil

8.4 oz/240 ml